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BREAKING: David Hann Scrubs His Website, or: “Let The WhiteWash Begin!”

by TwoPuttTommy on October 27, 2012 · 3 comments

To the far right is what the “about” section of GOP State Senator David Hann’s campaign website looked like just the other day.

Then the stories about his conflict of interest began hitting:

“Conflict of Interest? David Hann, GOP Health Insurance Salesman” — 5:00am, Thursday October 25th, 2012

“When is a Conflict of Interest, a Conflict of Interest? You Decide.” —  Thursday, October 25th, 2012

“What does Sen. David Hann do for a living?”  –  7:55pm, Thursday October 25th

“Fox9 News Scandal Coverage: “What does Sen. David Hann do for a living?”  – 10:41am, Friday, October 26th

“TV station sees conflict of interest for Sen. Hann, others”  – 2:12pm, Friday, October 26th

What’s a politician from “The Party Of Personal Responsibility” to do, when caught in a scandal of his own making?

Well, scrubbing his website is a good guess, so: let’s look!

What a surprise!  This is what Hann’s “about” website looks like now, to the right.  What’s the difference between a couple of days ago, and now?  Then:  “He is now a business process consultant…”  Now:  “He is now a partnering agent with Boys and Tyler Financial Group Inc.”

OK, that’s a start to a good whitewash; Hann’s now actually admitting who he works for.

But it’s a little incomplete, yes?  

“business process consultant” to “partnering agent” – what does that really tell his constituents?

What it tells me is how serious Hann realizes his conflict of interest is.

Hann’s homepage has been scrubbed too; link here to see what it was just a couple of days ago; compare that with the shiny new scrubbed look!

I’ll tell you what you WON’T see on the “shiny new scrubbed look!” that WAS on the “pre-caught” version – this:

We can do better by ensuring that all Minnesotans have choice and control over their health care, and expanding the market for innovative insurance products so it is affordable for all.

Hann needs to come clean, and a quick scrub of his website is clearly not enough.  

But it’s a start when you’re a high ranking member of “The Party Of Personal Responsibility” and you’re desperately trying to avoid any “personal responsibility” at all.

Dr Walleye October 27, 2012 at 8:36 am

Tommy, you rock… I’m assuming you are the one on the ball here. I can only imagine the conflicts of interest not only excepted bit encouraged in the Red States to the south of us.

Mr Math October 27, 2012 at 9:00 pm

From videos, made in 2010, posted on Sen. David Hann’s website, Sen. Hann and Sen. Geoff Michel discussed a concern that the Chair of the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee, Senator Satveer Chaudhary, influenced DNR policy specifically for the lake on which he owns property.

Part 1:
Starting at about 4:00

MICHEL: … Legislative bodies across the country are at historicly low approval ratings. All right. People don’t trust what is coming out of legislatures and elected officials, so it is more incumbent upon us than ever to hold ourselves to really high standards. So that doesn’t just mean no conflicts of interest, it’s no appearence, no appearence of conflict. You can’t get close to that line. You shouldn’t have legislators get close to that line. …

Part 2:
Starting at about 3:20

HANN: … I think, all of us in public office, we need to exercise the best judgment that we can to make sure we that what we’re doing doesn’t send the appearence to the public that we’re seeking any kind of special treatment or doing things that are a benefit to us personally. I think that’s the intent. And I think this has raised some questions that we want to have answered that may be of use to other members in the future.

I guess Hann should answer those questions from the past now.

As Tommy always says, “It’s OK if you’re a Republican.” No it’s not.

JeffStrate October 28, 2012 at 5:30 am

will never come clean.  Like many a pol, he’s in the mix not for people or ideology, but for himself.  His quiet, thoughtful appearing demeanor has nudged him closer to the top of the realm within which he is personally most comfortable – the right wing of Minnesota’s fragmented Republican Party.  If it fails on November 6th, he will re-appear elsewhere.  Most likely in the galleys leading into the Minnesota Senate and House chambers where the lobbyists walk about with smiles and brief cases and speak of the State Capitol building as “the peoples house.”  

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