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Fox9 News Scandal Coverage: “What does Sen. David Hann do for a living?”

by TwoPuttTommy on October 26, 2012 · 2 comments

We broke the story yesterday, entitled “Conflict of Interest? David Hann, GOP Health Insurance Salesman”.  It’s about someone hiding something; in this case, a Republican State Senator that Chairs a committee with oversight over an industry he seems to have gone to some lengths to avoid disclosing.  Tom Lyden at Fox9 News covered this story last night, and – surprise! – Senator Hann was “too busy campaigning” to talk to the reporter.

I’d suggest it’s because Republicans in the Minnesota Senate have a recent history of not quite being quite fully truthful with Mr. Lyden; see MnGOP State Senate: “…we are in this together…” and MnGOP State Senate: We Are In This Together Part 2.  So I’d also suggest that Senator Hann knew that Mr. Lyden was going to be asking some difficult (for Hann) questions, and that Hann knew that Mr. Lyden does a whole bunch of homework before he gets to the “asking tough questions” point.

So here’s Tom Lyden’s coverage of this story, from last night:

(direct link to story with full transcript, here)

Here’s the point:  Transparency IS the issue here; Hann (and, Gottwalt too) seems to have gone to some lengths  to conceal the fact he Chairs a committee that has direct influence on how he makes his living.

And that is simply not acceptable from elected legislators.

Now, about that picture, above above at the far right?  That’s a screen shot taken towards the end of Mr. Lyden’s story.  The words are Hann’s – taken from a statement (remember, Hann was “too busy campaigning to talk; but had time to send a statement).  Here’s what Hann says, at the bottom:

“This is a baseless political attack by my liberal DFL opponents.”

Not at all.  

Consider once again the end of Mr. Lyden’s report:

“The strange thing is, we’ve worked this story all day long and we still don’t know what Senator David Hann does for a living.”

This is a story about about an elected politician hiding what industry he works in and who he works for.

As reprehensible as Hann hiding his obvious conflict of interest is, he simply makes it worse by placing the blame of this story at “liberal DFL opponents.”

This scandal isn’t going away.

And also make sure to check out coverage of this scandal at

Stay tuned!


Bill Prendergast October 26, 2012 at 9:58 pm

Congratulations, Two Putt! You nailed a high profile conservative Minnesota leader who won’t explain how he makes his living!

So who the hell’s been paying this influential Senator–and why?

seano October 27, 2012 at 12:42 am

This is an area where our disclosure rules are really lacking.  By acting as a “self-employed consultant” — which they are freed up to be based on their state-provided health care benefits — legislators can avoid having to list who is paying them on their economic interest statement.  This really needs to be changed.  

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