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Why Voting Yes For Kids is Fiscally Responsible

by Alec on October 23, 2012

For every dollar spent on early childhood education, there is an eight dollar return. That’s according to a comprehensive study conducted by Federal Reserve economists right here in Minnesota. For those deficit hawks, there is ample research that early childhood investment will help ease budget deficits. Can you imagine investing one dollar today in order to reap eight dollars in increased earnings and decreased social costs later.

     The Saint Paul Levy is largely about early childhood education, and it is one of the smartest investments we can make. It seems like it should be common sense. Starting a student off on the right foot is far more efficient than trying to catch them up when they become two or three years behind. My own children benefitted from Sant Paul’s early childhood investment. My son could read chapter books before starting kindergarten, and my daughter knows her times tables by first grade.

     On the flip side, if a poor child cannot read at grade level by just third grade they are 13 times more likely to drop out of high school. To make matters worse, the state of Minnesota only funds kindergartners as 51% of a student and preK none at all.

   Without this levy we will lose the smartest, most efficient way to invest in our kids and our own future. People like Joe Socuhery can tell us to be fiscally conservative and shove our money under a mattress. Our citizens are smarter than that, and more fiscally responsible. The early childhood levy is the smartest, most efficient way to invest in our future. Say yes on the Saint Paul Levy. Be fiscally responsible.  

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