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Kathy Lohmer Uses Veterans to Shill for Corporations

by Alec on October 21, 2012

     Kathy Lohmer recently sent out a disgusting mailer spitting in the face of veterans. As a mother of a veteran this is unconscionable.  Stay with me as I explain.

   Veteran’s issues should be non-partisan. We send kids overseas to do sometimes horrific things, we better darn well take care of them when we come home. By taking care of them, I don’t mean putting a bumper sticker on your car, or a flag in your yard. I mean actually making sure they are okay.

   Lohmer using veterans, using them in the most disgusting sense of the word, is the exact opposite of supporting the troops. In her most recent mailer, Lohmer implies Tom DeGree would have voted against  a Veteran’s Bill. First, how can she attack him for a bill that he never had a chance to vote on? That lack of integrity is just tiddly winks for her though.

   The Bill she claims is a “veteran’s” bill? It is not. On her literature she cites page 6806 of the House Journal.  That page literally does not even mention veterans. Not vet, not soldier, not veteran, not VA. It was nice she documented her dishonesty, but still disgusting.

     Worse, this bill is mainly a tax cut for very large corporations. So Lohmer is using veterans as a cynical cover for more budget busting tax cuts for corporations. I know Tom DeGree personally from work and church. He has always been supportive of me (Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2004-2005) and other veterans. Tom is not a bumper sticker patriot. He actually supports veterans.

We need 39B to win back the state house. The race is rated a toss up and is eminently winnable.  Stay Calm and Click the Pic to go support Tom.

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