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Mister Bills joins chorus of crazies who claim unemployment numbers were faked

by The Big E on October 12, 2012 · 1 comment

Who says there is no comedy in politics? Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s opponent Kurt Bills is providing some of the best this election season. His latest comedy is he joins in with other reality-denying Republicans who claim the latest unemployment numbers were faked somehow.

Mister Bills started off by release what will undoubtedly be the worst campaign video of the 2012 election. In the video, the hero of the video commits suicide in the first 30 seconds. Then the hero is back from the dead. Is Bills the first pro-zombie Republican?

Mister Bills continued to teach High School while running for US Senate. And he wants to be taken seriously? Hilarious!

When the Minneapolis Star Tribune released polling indicating Klobuchar crushing him by 29%, Mister Bills first held a press conference at which he claimed he was only losing by 15%. Hello? Aren’t candidates not supposed to admit they’re losing?

Then Mister Bills campaign manager Mike Osskopp attacked the Strib claiming favoritism because her Dad was a columnist for the Strib. Jim Klobuchar retired 15 or more years ago (and several owners ago).

Miste Bills attacked Klobuchar for helping save the auto industry and dealerships in MN. Um … duh?

The Republican narrative is that Obama can’t do anything right. So when the latest unemployment numbers indicate fewer unemployed, Mister Bills joined the chorus of crazies:

Bills also joined a chorus of conservatives who are questioning the legitimacy of the recent job numbers. Bills said it was “suspicious” when asked whether he thought the Bureau of Labor Statistics adjusted the monthly unemployment report to help President Obama’s re-election effort.

“What statisticians do is what statisticians do, but I find it very curious that it dropped when it did and it’s a .3 percent drop,” Bills told reporters.

The report last week showed a sharp drop in unemployment to 7.8 percent.

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis called the notion that the numbers were cooked “ludicrous.”

Keith Hall, a former commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, also dismissed the allegations.

“People shouldn’t think at all there is any bias in the numbers,” Hall told McClatchy. “This data is collected and examined by each state. . . . Hundreds of people at BLS help collect this data and compile it. If you wanted to try to mess with these numbers, you are talking a very difficult thing. It almost certainly would . . . be next to impossible.”

I wonder what’s next for Mister Bills? Will he hold a press conference expressing his concern that Mister Hand is out to get him?

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