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Allen Quist, the stickler for accuracy, won’t clarify his statement on marriage equality

by The Big E on October 6, 2012 · 1 comment

The unintentional master of unintentional comedy strikes again!

When Republican candidate Allen Quist clutched his pearls the other day and demanded an apology from his DFL opponent, Rep. Tim Walz, I rolled my eyes. In a MN-01 debate, Walz accused him of not supporting veterans because Quist said everything was on the table in regards to budget cuts. So obviously he had to revert to playing the victim and clutch at his pearls. But in the last paragraph of the story in the Mankato Free Press I was shocked to read this:

“The reason I’m here is to have the record set straight,” Quist said. “I’m a stickler for accuracy.
[my emphasis]

We all know Quist only wants to be a stickler on this one particular issue. He doesn’t want that applied to anything else he’s said or will say. Quist has a propensity, like his protege Michele Bachmann, for saying whacked, crazed and unhinged things.

So here we go:

Allen Quist, the Republican candidate for Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District, is refusing to clarify statements he made Tuesday regarding the state’s constitutional amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman. Minnesotans will vote on the amendment on Nov. 6.

The Winona Daily News reports that during a Tuesday campaign stop in Winona, Quist said government should not be make determination on who can marry.

“I was very explicit in saying government should not have a role in whether people choose to marry or not marry,” said Quist, “But, government does have a role in defining marriage.”

Quist has stated during previous debates and town hall meetings that he supports the marriage amendment and “traditional marriage.” In each instance, he followed up by stating he was not interested in discussing the topic because it is a state issue. He said he wants keep the campaign discussion only focused on the federal deficit and how to balance the federal budget.
(New Ulm Journal)

We’re still awaiting Minnesota’s unintentional master of unintentional comedy to clarify this for us.

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