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Romney + education = the worst

by Dan Burns on October 5, 2012 · 25 comments

I saw something yesterday:  “If (Willard) Mitt Romney’s talking, he’s lying.”  That’s what you call “spot-on.”  27 whoppers in 38 minutes, during the debate.  Here, I’m just noting some material about education, which has not been widely reported, presumably because a lot of his other crap was so egregious.

The facts of Romney’s own record, his words on the campaign trail, and the budget his running mate produced that Romney called “marvelous” are very clear on the direction education funding would go in a Romney presidency.

Namely, down.  Based on his past record, as opposed to what he said Wednesday, teachers and college grant money getting creamed would likely only be the most prominent elements of the carnage.  And what funding there is, will be increasingly oriented to voucherized, corporate crap.  All voters, especially those with kids in school, deserve the facts on this.

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