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Is Mike Osskopp the reason Kurt Bill’s campaign has become so rude?

by The Big E on October 4, 2012 · 1 comment

Mike Osskopp has a long history of rude and mean-spirited behavior. As Chief of Staff for Rep. John Kline he calls the police on any Democrats who come to Kline’s office. He’s infamous for standing outside a Democratic event and yelling about the attendees “jap” cars.

Generally, Kline is pretty rude to anybody who doesn’t agree with him and Osskopp fits right in as his top staffer.

So when the Kurt Bills campaign veered from weirdness to weirdly and counterproductively mean-spirited I noted that Osskopp was now working for Bills.

They got chauvinistic when the Minneapolis Star Tribune released a Mason-Dixon poll indicating Sen. Amy Klobuchar was up by 29%. Considering this poll indicated only 10% knew Bills, doubling down on their chauvinism probably increased the percentage of people who recognized Bills name … just not in a good way.

Not content to respond by saying their internal numbers show only a 15 point deficit, they showed, well, a chauvinistic level of maturity:
In a news release on Thursday, Bills campaign manager Mike Osskopp said the poll oversampled Democrats and said, “Don’t forget, Amy’s Dad was a columnist for the Star Tribune for 3 decades. It’s no coincidence that they are pulling for Daddy’s little girl.” Later, Osskopp e-mailed a fundraising appeal to supporters that said “Daddy’s newspaper needs to protect daddy’s little girl.”

Jim Klobuchar was a columnist with the newspaper for 30 years before retiring in 1996.

Should we count the levels of stupid?
[my emphasis]

Then yesterday Klobuchar released a video about how she voted to save the auto industry and how she worked hard to save Minnesota auto dealerships that were threatened with closure. The star of her video was a major Republican donor who has endorsed Klobuchar because of her hard work on this. So what do the Bills campaign do? They attacked Sen. Klobuchar for saving the auto industry and helping Paul Walser (and other dealers) characterizing her vote and hard work as “crony capitalism.”

Stay classy, Mike Osskopp and Kurt Bills, stay classy.

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