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Bills attacks Klobuchar for saving the auto industry

by Jeff Rosenberg on October 3, 2012

In one of Amy Klobuchar’s first ads of the 2012 campaign, she highlights her vote to save the American auto industry, and for good reason: The initiative saved around a million jobs. In Klobuchar’s ad, auto dealer — and Republican  — Paul Walser speaks on her behalf, saying “I really believe in her as a public servant.”

Kurt Bills told MPR he would have opposed saving the auto industry, which would have been absolutely disastrous for our economy. Trying to turn his foolish stand to his advantage, Bills claimed Klobuchar supported saving the auto industry so she could get Walser’s donation:

“I don’t know why you do an ad like that,” Bills said. “It’s showing you’re a crony capitalist. You’re going to side with the people who can fill your campaign coffers up.”

Sigh. No, Mr. Bills. It shows that people value results over abstract ideology. Nobody cares about your ideological basis for saying you’d have let the American auto industry collapse; they’re simply going to vote for the person who saved a million jobs, including their own.

Bills apparently doesn’t believe that a vote to save a million jobs is a principled vote, so he opts for a horribly cynical explanation. In fairness to Bills, a quick check of FEC records shows that Walser did donate to Klobuchar. So maybe Klobuchar didn’t do all of this to save a million jobs. Maybe she did it to earn the $200 that Paul Walser donated to her. What do you think?

Walser's $200 donation

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