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Bills: Oh crud, it’s October already?

by Jeff Rosenberg on October 2, 2012

Kurt Bills appears to have suddenly realized that it’s only about a month before the election, and figures it’s about time he got to doing something about it:

Bills plans to visit 87 counties over the next 36 days. [Campaign manager Mike] Osskopp said the media, business leaders and unions have abandoned Bills campaign, so they are taking their message “directly to the people.”

To me, this illustrates just how unseriously Bills has taken this campaign. He’s just now thinking that he should try to visit every Minnesota county? When Al Franken ran against Norm Coleman, he was already working to travel to every county over a year before the election. If Bills thinks the media have “abandoned” him, it’s because he hasn’t been campaigning hard enough to be worth the coverage.

Maybe Bills thought that, by the virtue of simply being the Republican nominee, he’d get enough free press coverage to make him a household name. But that’s not how it works. The media cover events, and if you’re not campaigning, there’s nothing to write about. Bills is figuring that out about a year too late.

In related news, the article above makes no mention of whether Bills will finally go on leave from his teaching job, or whether he will continue campaigning part-time.

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