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Kurt Bills: The Strib is lying, we’re only losing by 15!

by Jeff Rosenberg on September 28, 2012

Poll denialism is a growing trend on the right this election season. And of course, baselessly accusing corporate-owned media of somehow being leftists is an age-old conservative trope. Even in the context of both of these behaviors, though, Kurt Bills’s campaign challenging the Star Tribune’s Minnesota Poll is just sad:

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kurt Bills campaign says a Star Tribune Minnesota Poll that shows incumbent Democrat Amy Klobuchar with a substantial lead in the race is biased, a charge that Star Tribune leaders dispute….

The poll, conducted last week, found that 57 percent of likely voters favored Klobuchar, compared to 28 percent for Bills, a lead of 29 percentage points. More than 60 percent of those polled said they did not recognize Bills’ name.

Bills’ internal polling shows Klobuchar with a 15 percentage-point lead. (Emphasis added)

The Star Tribune is in the tank for Klobuchar! We think we’re only losing by 15 points!

Even if Bills is right — and I doubt he is — so what? Losing by 15 points still counts as getting shellacked in my book. With less than 40 days until the election, this is not a good way to convince anyone that Bills has a shot at winning.

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