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Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting our very own TwoPutt

by Joe Bodell on September 10, 2012 · 2 comments

(Click on image to see larger version)

That, dear friends, is awesome.

Why? Because those t-shirts were handed out to media-credentialed folks at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte by, a conservative outfit devoted to exposing the truth in media bias blah blah blah librul blah bias blah blah blah…

And our very own Twoputt totally trolled’em

If they’d stopped for a moment to examine his clearly-visible-in-this-photo media credential, they would have been able to tell exactly which outlet he was representing at the DNC: one that makes no mistake about its biases and doesn’t have to care.

But keep up the good work helping promote our little site and our awesome writers, Newsbusters! We appreciate the exposure.

TwoPuttTommy September 10, 2012 at 5:01 pm

So, here’s the deal- I’m walking down the street and these guys ‘n gals just got done giving away said shirts; the ol’ TwoPutter was a little too late to get one.  So I go ask a nice lady if she’d be interested in trading her shirt for a few buttons I was wearing on my hat.  I offered up a Mn Delegation and a couple others for the shirt, but it took the button pictured to the right to seal the deal!  

Now, if you look real closely, that’s a green tee shirt (look at my neck) under the one I traded for; it’s my Camp Wellstone shirt!

Here’s their facebook post, below the picture Joe posted:

As a JOKE, we handed out “Journalists for Obama” t-shirts near the MSNBC booth at the DNC convention to demonstrate what we ALREADY know, that most “journalists” favor Obama.

This guy was happy to take a t-shirt, he even proudly displayed his MEDIA badge! video:

‘LIKE’ and ‘SHARE’ if you agree –> This is why we Don’t Believe the Liberal Media!(emphasis added)
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I think it’s awesome NewsBusters – total morans, each and every one of ‘em – decided to choose me to slime real journalists everywhere.

The local journalists here in the Twin Cities that know me know I’ve never claimed to be a “journalist” – I’m a blogger; a pundit.  And they know and I know there’s a big difference between blogging / punditry and journalism.

dan.burns September 10, 2012 at 7:09 pm

the link to Facebook, in Joe’s post, and saw a few of the comments.  Seething, bilious rage.

I sometimes ponder, why many conservatives overreact so badly, to stuff like this.  (Some people from all political perspectives do so, but righties are by far the most frequent and furious.)  I remember, when you interviewed Thomas Frank on the radio some years ago, he remarked on how they get so riled up at the least sense of condescension.  I think it has something to do with being too caught up in the so-called “culture of honor,” where you’re expected to react with aggressive displays the moment that you sense any perceived “insult.”

I’ll have to write up my conclusions, none-too-coherent or enlightening though they are, one of these days.  

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