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Video of block party for marriage equality

by Eric Ferguson on August 31, 2012 · 1 comment

This is video of the speakers at the SD63 Block Party for Marriage Equality on August 30th, which was a combination pro-marriage block party, fundraiser to help us help defeat the constitutional amendments, and wedding anniversary for our State Senator Patricia Torres Ray and her husband Jack. Speakers included elected officials Patricia Torres Ray, Jean Wagenius, Jim Davnie, Scott Dibble, Carla Bates, Carol Becker, Alberto Montserrate,  Chris Eaton, Phyllis Kahn, Diane Loeffler, Linda Higgins, John Marty, Betsy Hodges, and James Llanas. It was attended by a roughly estimated 200 people.

Sorry about the shakiness. A cell phone and a bum shoulder are not the best combination.

JeffStrate August 31, 2012 at 11:18 pm

the use of an Iphone camera or 35 mm camera with video capabilities for high caliber leaders such as these is an unwitting disservice to them and their causes.  I know you mean well, but when working in video or still images with important issues, one needs to use a camera and a camera operator who can match the thoughtfulness and gravitas of the subjects.  They’ve been at it for years and deserve more than the video equivalent of snapshot.  

Crummy video can be easily captured from the internet and then used against these people by the dark side.

With warmest regards,

Jeff Strate
Producer, Democratic Visions

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