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“Shifty Dan” Griffith is dangerous right-wing extremist

by InformedVoter on August 14, 2012 · 1 comment

Do not vote for DanGriffith for Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court in tomorrow’s primary (August 14)  *** Griffith is now trying to portray himself as a “non-partisan” lawyer, but he is a rabid right-wing extremist who is quietly organizing the worst of the Religious Right, the Sarah Palin forces, the Ron Paul tin-foil-hat crowd, the gay-haters, and the opponents of reproductive rights.  *** Many of the lawyers who know Dan Griffith best (those who practice in International Falls and Koochiching County)call him “Shifty Dan” just because of such “I am a non-partisan” claims by Griffith over the years.  ***  When Griffith ran for a state-wide slot on the Minnesota Court of Appeals in 2010, there was a survey of all the other lawyers who work regularly with Griffith.  The lawyers in the county unanimously supported the re-election of Judge Larry Stauber and unanimously opposed Dan Griffith.  ***  If you doubt that Dan Griffith is a right-wing extremist, consider the following.  ***  1. Dan Griffith travelled the state on the “Tom Emmer for Governor” bus on the last weekends of the 2010 election season.  ***  2. Dan Griffith sought and received the enthusiastic endorsement of Sarah Palin’s group RogueOnMinnesota.  ***  3. Dan Griffith tagged along with GOP extremist Michael Brodkorb, who rousingly introduced him at the huge “Governors for Tom Emmer” Rally in Blaine in 2010.  ***  4. Dan Griffith has been resoundingly endorsed as one of the “Top Minnesota Candidates for Ron Paul” by the racist and bigoted followers of the Texas nutbag Congressman.  ***  5. A major reason for the Ronulans to support Dan Griffith is because Griffith actively supports Kurt Bills, the Ronbots’ ding-dong challenger to United States Senator Amy Klobuchar.  ***  6. Dan Griffith is on the board of the Life Center of International Falls which lures in women facing unintended pregnancies with promises of reproductive health care and then flays them with holy-roller guilt trips.  ***  7. Dan Griffith is on the board of a network of radio stations across northern Minnesota that preaches hell-fire and damnation to gays, pro-choicers, and other liberals.  ***  8. Dan Griffith has supported preacher-of-hate Bradlee Dean at personal appearances, on his radio network, and on Dean’s “You can Run But You Cannot Hide” radio program where Bradlee Dean praised governments that execute people for the crime of being homosexuals. ***  9. Dan Griffith is running for Chief Justice this year (instead of his failed runs for the Minnesota Court of Appeals in 2004, 2006, 2008, and 2010) because he thinks that Chief Justice Lorie Skjerven Gildea was a “liberal activist judge” when she wrote the opinion that ended Tom Emmer’s recount fantasy in 2010 and because she supported the decision that decided the 2008 recount in favor of United States Senator Al Franken after eight months of review.  ***  *** In praising Dan Griffith, Sarah Palin’s group RogueOnMinnesota wrote that such “liberal activist judges” were a threat to decency:  ***  “One recent disastrous example was the role that Liberal activist judges played in the fraudulent election of Senator Al Franken.  It was they who determined which absentee ballots could be included in the recount.  ***  “Dan Griffith is a Minnesota attorney willing to do something about the problem.  Dan Griffith is
running for Minnesota Appellate Court judge with the goal of judicial accountability.  ***  What Shifty Dan Griffith ignores is that Chief Justice Lorie Gildea and the unanimous Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that former Senator Norm Coleman had failed to meet the tests of the law and the facts when he lost his arguments to a unanimous State Elections Canvassing Board, a unanimous panel of intermediate judges, and a unanimous Minnesota Supreme Court.   ***  Norm Coleman was given every chance to prove his case in November, December, January, February, March, April, May, and June in 2008-2009.  But the facts and the law were in favor of Al Franken after the longest recount in Minnesota history.  Dan Griffith cannot get over it and he cannot forgive Chief Justice Gildea because she stuck with the facts and the law instead of Griffith’s partisan agenda.  ***  Dan Griffith is also angry at Chief Justice Gildea because she listened to the flimsy claims by Tom Emmer in 2010 and wrote the opinion that sealed the extremist’s political fate, after Dan Griffith has worked so hard to beat Governor Mark Dayton.  ***  So if you want to believe Dan Griffith when he says he is not a right-wing extremist and that he thinks judges should be non-partisan, you can believe it.  People without blinders will think differently when they vote in tomorrow’s primary.

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