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MN-08: Nolan Responds to Clark Attack – Update

by Dan Burns on August 10, 2012 · 7 comments

Update:  I’ve uploaded video of Clark’s ad, below the fold.

Minnesota’s primary elections will be next Tuesday, August 14.  They include a DFL primary in the 8th district, between Jeff Anderson, Tarryl Clark, and Rick Nolan.  Nolan has responded, via a press release, to a negative ad being aired by the Clark campaign.  Click on “There’s More” for the full text of the release.

I was thinking that perhaps the Clark ad would have been made available online, between the posting time of the diary linked above, and this one. Negative dice.  I’ll try again, Friday.

We’ll see, by about 10PM or so on Tuesday, whether this late gambit of Clark’s worked.  I kind of doubt that it will have, but that’s just me.  I, and maybe another MnPPer or two, or more, will be liveblogging primary results.
Here’s Clark’s ad, which was uploaded at MPR.

Also from the linked MPR article:

The Clark campaign maintains its ad is accurate and calls the spot a “Minnesota-nice” version of what Republicans will do to Nolan regarding his record at the Minnesota World Trade Center if he ends up winning next week’s primary and running against Cravaack in November.

The Nolan press release:

Rick Nolan, DFL-endorsed candidate for Congress in the 8th district today offered the following statement:

“I am very disappointed that Tarryl Clark has decided to air these desperate, deceitful, and dishonest ads attacking my strong record on job creation. This is last minute, 11th-hour, gutter politics at its worst and is not worthy of the 8th District.

Tarryl moved into this district to run for office and her campaign is based on outside money attempting to buy this election. These desperate, negative campaign tactics simply show the true colors of an overly ambitious politician who will do anything to get elected.

Let me be clear, I am very proud of my time leading the Minnesota World Trade Center Corporation.

My friend, Governor Rudy Perpich, talked often about ‘job-jobs-jobs’ and we shared a vision for growing Minnesota’s economy globally. The Minnesota World Trade Center was a huge part of Perpich’s vision.

The idea for the Minnesota World Trade Center Corporation was to provide a home for Minnesota companies eager to expand abroad. Our late, great Governor Perpich asked me to help him create and build this critical project and I did so successfully, working as an unpaid volunteer and Chairman of the Board, spearheading Perpich’s project for the first four years of the process.

We secured over $60 million in private sector money just for the building of the facility, which created hundreds of good-paying, union construction jobs.

I am proud of the accomplishments we made to help expand the market for Minnesota manufacturers and small businesses. This project helped to put Minnesota on the map in a global economy.

Governor Perpich’s administration saw the creation of 328,000 jobs during his term of service, and the World Trade Center played an important role in creating those jobs. I am proud of that fact.

Let me be clear, for the record. Tarryl Clark’s ad is dishonest, untrue and simply not based on facts.

I have worked my entire adult life creating jobs in Minnesota, and will continue to do that as the next Congressman for the 8th District. The only job Tarryl Clark seems interested in creating is one for herself in Congress.”

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