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Maybe Kurt Bills Just Never Grew Up

by Alec on May 23, 2012 · 1 comment

        I think every boy, at some point or another, is fascinated by pirates. The freedom. The action. Becoming a legend. Of course, cooler than all of that is the booty. Chests of gold doubloons and silver pieces of eight. I knew there had to be treasure buried somewhere in the back 40. Then I grew up. Pirates and pirate booty were still cool, but I had other stuff to think about.

       I am considering the possibility that MNGOP Senate candidate Kurt Bills just never grew up. He goes above and beyond the Ron Paul call for a gold standard. Kurt Bills wants a return of the booty chest. Last session, Kurt Bills Chief Authored legislation, HF 2502, to bring back gold and silver as official, constitutional currency.

   Want a pack of gum? Break out some gold. Sure hope the SuperAmerica cashier can make change for that. If Kurt Bills had his way, any and all merchants would have to accept gold and silver coins for anything from gum to your new house.

    This legislation, above all others, shows just what “America” Bills wants back. As an economics teacher, you would think he would harken back to the Golden Age Of Capitalism, just about sixty years ago. No, Kurt Bills would rather be a pirate ship quartermaster in the 1900’s tossing around the coin of the realm. Kurt Bills literally harkens for an America decades before many of our parents were even born. So, who is going to rush out to get their booty?

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