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MN House Passes Stadium Bill

by Dan Burns on May 8, 2012

After nine hours or so of, depending on your perspective, “vigorous policy debate” or “shameless narcissistic grandstanding,” the Minnesota House passed a Vikings stadium bill, by 73-58.

The House did lower the state’s contribution $105 million from $398 to $293 million. Several House members say the Vikings can afford to spend more than their $427 million contribution.

Republican Pat Garafalo, of Farmington, laid out the new terms.

“With the changes we’re putting into this bill, public support for the project will be reduced from $548 million to $443 million,” Rep. Pat Garofalo, R-Farmington said. “Still a very generous support package from the public.”

Vikings lobbyist Lester Bagley wouldn’t comment as to whether the Vikings would balk at the change in the team’s contribution. He said last week that the team would not spend more than $427 million.

I would call it unlikely, that the Senate will simply pass this bill, as is.  Rather, it will do something different, and the two versions will have to reconciled and passed again, in both chambers.  In which case, that comfortable House margin from tonight could diminish, even to negative territory, in a hurry.

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