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Bachmann falsely claims that women will vote for Romney

by The Big E on May 8, 2012

Will the MN Media continue to ignore her utter disregard for the truth?

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) appeared on Meet The Press and Face The Nation yesterday. She was representing the Romney campaign. She claimed that women would vote for Mitt Romney despite having zero evidence that her claim was true.

Bob Shieffer: A lot of talk about Mitt Romney not reaching women. What does he need to do, what does he need to say win it?

Bachmann: First of all, that’s a myth. Its not true because Obama’s whole object has been …

Shieffer: What’s a myth?

Bachmann: That there’s a Republican war on women. There’s not a Republican war on women. That’s coming from the Obama reelection team because everything they do right now … any word that you hear will go through the grid of Obama’s reelection.

Shieffer: But it must be working because polls show he’s running way behind.

Bachmann: Actually, if you look at the 2010 election, women went Republican, they didn’t go Democrat and they will this time as well.

Here’s what she said on Face The Nation:

BACHMANN: Actually, if you look at the 2010 elections, women went Republican. They didn’t go Democrat, and they will this time as well, because women are more concerned about the economy and jobs for themselves, for their husbands, for their children, and that’s not happened because obama’s broken his promises. […]

And it was women who overwhelmingly went Republican and threw out a woman speaker [Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)]. I think this time again what women want, Bob, is they want competence, and, unfortunately, with all due respect to the president, he’s not competent to deal with the economy. Mitt Romney is competent in spades. That’s what women are going to be looking for.

ThinkProgress goes on to point out that women were evenly split between Democrats and Republicans in 2010. Current polling indicates Obama continues holds a large lead over Romney amongst women. Romney has even admitted that the 12 point gap (53% to 41%) is a problem.

This is a prime example of Bachmann’s utter disregard for the truth.  

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