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Republicans incapable of governing, Part MCXXIV

by The Big E on May 4, 2012

As the Republicans supposedly in control of both houses of the Minnesota legislature just blew past their self-imposed session end deadline of last Monday, its interesting to consider what is keeping them from just calling it quits and going home.

It ain’t a bonding bill, that’s for sure.

There’s the problem of how to gift billionaire owner of the MN Vikings, Zigi Wilf, a brand spanking new stadium. You’d think this would be easy for the majority party because the Democratic Governor and a bunch of DFLers want it, too.

But they can’t seem to figure it out.

Here’s a few items they’re considering instead of doing the people’s business … like creating jobs by passing a bonding bill:

  • Allow any redneck to sue any law enforcement agency because said redneck thinks the aforementioned agency isn’t rounding up enough illegal-looking people.
  • Still “working” on a tax bill.
  • Anti-labor anti-teacher legislation.
  • License women’s clinics and prevent all abortions.
  • Raised taxes (fees) on hunting and fishing licenses (passed and signed into law).
  • State health care exchange that grants health insurance companies complete control over the exchange.
  • Unhappy married couples must wait 2 years to get a divorce.
  • – Photo from the MNGOP Senate Caucus website

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