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MN-01: Quist and Parry both going to primary, the heck with the GOP endorsement.

by Bill Prendergast on May 1, 2012

Hooray. Over at the tea party, the Mad Hatter and the March Hare have had a falling out. It’s always good when kooks and haters fall out (rather than ‘gang up.’)

You remember this GOP endorsement convention story from last week. It went to 23 ballots–to 2am– with no endorsement of either Republican wingnut. The split was between 1) the religious right tea baggers and Ron Paulites led by Quist, and 2) tea baggers commanded by Parry.

The bitter struggle for the endorsement was so unusual that it even caught the attention of the Wall Street Journal–whose reporter laughably mischaracterized Mike Parry as the candidate of the “GOP establishment.” From the WSJ story:

Mr. Parry is the favorite to win the nomination and came the closest of the two candidates to reaching the 60% threshold. He entered the convention as the establishment’s choice and appealed to more moderate Republicans.

(BWAH-HA-HA-HA! “Parry, the candidate of the ‘more moderate Republicans!’ It must have been a Quist flak who fed that description to the unsuspecting WSJ. Ergo: “Ha! Look! The Wall Street Journal says Mike Parry is GOP “establishment!” It must be true, tea partiers! Vote Quist for real conservative reform!”)

Here’s the WSJ on Quist:

Mr. Quist has the support of more religious conservatives and the tea party. He picked up the endorsement of none other than Michele Bachmann-thanks in part to his wife’s personal connection to the congresswoman.

Well, yeah, Quist’s wife does go back a long way with Bachmann. But Bachmann’s endorsement of Quist is a natural–given the fact that Quist pioneered the political use of sectarian religion in politics in Minnesota. Bachmann’s also made a point of courting the Ron Paul faction, recognizing their ability to make a difference as activists working inside the state’s increasingly loopy GOP. So a Bachmann/Quist alliance is a natural–but I’m sure she’ll dump Quist if Parry emerges as the nomination winner, just as she’s selling out the tea party to get behind Romney. It’s the opportunism, stupid.

It must trouble Michele (and her backers in the national religious right) that her endorsement couldn’t make the difference this time and deliver the GOP endorsement to Quist. But as a matter of pure nuthouse right wing ideology: the truth is that either of these candidates is acceptable to Bachmann.

Anyway–the decision to continue the Quist and Parry candidacies prior to a primary ups the ante–it will squeeze even more loony right wing rhetoric out of both candidates. Post-primary, the winner of the struggle to capture the most nuts will be forced to dial back the creepiness in order to defeat Walz in the general. At this very moment, Quist is already excoriating Parry publicly for going negative on him…which gives Quist the right–nay, the duty–to go negative against Parry.

Mike Parry: “moderate,” “establishment” Republican–BWAH-HA-HA-HA!

LINK to last week’s WSJ story:…

Here’s the story about how both Quist and Parry intend to go to primary, from MPR:

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