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MN GOP Legislators: More Tax Cut Welfare for the Rich, or Else

by Dan Burns on April 30, 2012 · 3 comments

This preposterous, idiotic, and perhaps above all pathetic session of the Tea Party-controlled Minnesota legislature is on the verge of ending predictably, in wretched, miserable failure.

Minnesota legislators limped Saturday into the final days of the session with no signs of a global agreement on major issues, and with the Minnesota Vikings stadium proposal hanging in the balance.

Legislators dragged themselves back to the Capitol for a rare weekend floor session to see if there was any hope for a last-minute deal that would satisfy Republicans’ push for business tax relief and DFLers’ desire for a sizable bonding package…

Signaling how difficult it could be to reach an overall deal, DFL Gov. Mark Dayton emerged from his office Saturday afternoon to say Republicans must compromise or risk having the session implode.

“I learned last summer their view of compromise is doing things their way,” Dayton said, referring to the three-week government shutdown. “That’s just not going to work this time.”

This essay righteously savages the GOP’s proposed insanity.

The proposed legislation would remove a staggering $7 billion in revenue from the state general fund that pays for education and other services between now and the time it is fully phased in in 2025. The almost necessary result of this revenue loss would be further reductions in state aid to schools and further property tax increases on homeowners.

Raise your hands, Minnesotans, if you think your picking up business’s share of the cost of state government is in your best interest.

And additional learned, worthy commentary can be perused here.

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