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Obermueller Wins CD2 DFL US House Endorsement

by Grace Kelly on April 29, 2012

Based on the reporting at the Eagan Patch, we just finished the final round of balloting of the CD2 convention where three great candidates were vying for the chance to challenge the extreme John Kline for US House of Representatives.

First Round
Ganey – 37 for 27%
Gaylord – 37 for 27%
Obermueller – 64 for 46%

Two ballots were spoiled which usually means that someone forgot to sign the back of the ballot.

According to a text from a friend, Gaylord and dropped out, endorsing Ganey!

Second Round
Ganey –  57 for 42%
Obermueller – 77 for 57%

Six votes were missing, it is reported that some people did not make it back from lunch quick enough. So advantage Obermueller. Obermueller now has momentum and is likely to get more votes because of that.

Third Round
Ganey –  58 for 41%
Obermueller – 84 for 59%

Mike Obermueller leading on the third ballot of the CD2 DFL endorsement. All reports are of a positive upbeat convention which bodes well for unity. Two votes need to change for endorsement.

Mike Obermueller wins on the fourth ballot of the CD2 DFL endorsement. Ganey concedes with a rousing speech. The convention votes for unanimous endorsement.

In discussions with CD2 delegate friends, one of the biggest concerns was fundraising. Ganey was perceived as being a good fundraiser, however in earlier questioning, the Eagan Patch reported, Ganey did not have substantial funds in the bank – 10K. For the same question, Obermueller said that he has 40-45K in bank right now, even with heavy expenditures on lawn signs and t-shirts. He promised to raise $1.8M to take on John Kline. So I think Obermueller gained the advantage in the fundraising question.

You can help Obermueller made good on his promise and win here.  
Re-districting has brought in more Democratic votes, with DCCC attention and the possibility of attracting more funding. John Kline is not as public in his extremist views, so the problem is making that information public.

All three candidates have vowed to honor the endorsement and to stay in the endorsement process as long as possible. Three candidates make endorsement more likely, since the third candidates are likely to flow between the two remaining choices until endorsement is reached. Also, they are taking a lunch break which will give the delegates a better attitude and more energy.  

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