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Mary Franson is a moron

by Joe Bodell on April 28, 2012

It doesn’t get any simpler or truer than that, folks: Mary Franson, first-term Republican State Representative from Alexandria is an abject moron, devoid of anything resembling rational thought. And a conspiracy-theory-fearing moron, at that.

This fact, of course, is something she seems to wear as a badge of honor. After all, after stepping in it over issue after faux issue, you’d think she’d smarten up. But alas, here she is again, taking to Twitter to crow about how cars represent freedom and trains are socialism blah blah blah:

Collectivists don’t want you to own cars Cars make you free. Free to go where you choose. Light rail not so much, government controls tracks

Collectivists? Where? Rep. Moron would have us believe that providing affordable transit options instead of forcing everyone to sit in the same fumes on the same seven-lane highway for hours every day is COMMUNISSSMMMMMMMM. You’d think it was the 1950s, or something.

In another tweet, she went further: “Light Rail/Sustainable Development — control the method of transportation and you control the world.”

Has this idiot read anything but Atlas Shrugged since high school? Conspiracies abound everywhere,  wrapped in efforts to, you know, help people get to work safely and more quickly than forcing them to sit in a seven-lane parking lot for two hours each way. Or something. I’m not about to posit a rational explanation for this stupidity.

Look, rational people can disagree with transit projects on their merits — sure, they cost a lot. Sure, it’s lots of construction and delays. Of course, they also bring in revenue, lower greenhouse emissions, alleviate traffic, and provide a way for thousands of Minnesotans to avoid owning and/or regularly driving cars, but whatever — at least those are things we can talk about.

This is a person who imbues everything with which she or her party bosses disagree with some bizarre, fever-induced notion of global conspiracy, and walks away from any attempt to question her on her idiocy declaring victory over the forces of global hippy hegemony or some such foolishness. Because she said so.

This is a person who doesn’t care a whit about the future or well-being of anyone who doesn’t live, work, and worship exactly like she does. Here, now, in the 21st century, when all it takes to learn about someone different from you and yours is the click of a mouse, is the very image of a moron.

Oh, and she’s currently serving in the State Legislature.

Wonderful. At least that last part we can work on. Her opponent is DFL-endorsed school teacher Bob Cunniff — go throw him a few bucks to help him in his campaign to remove this blithering idiot from the Legislature.

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