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Arne Carlson asks when Minnesota handed voting over to Mary Kiffmeyer

by The Big E on April 27, 2012

Former Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson let loose on Republicans generally and Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer, former Secretary of State, specifically. Kiffmeyer is an ALEC member and founded the vote suppression organization Minnesota Majority. As Sec of State she became infamous for trying to hang posters of terrorists in polling places in 2006 to scare voters. Her time as Sec of State was noted for attempts to limit Native American’s participation in elections.

“We’re the party of Lincoln, we’re the party of Eisenhower. We welcome people in,” said Carlson during an interview after the show. He wonders, “When did we hand over the keys to voting to (Voter Photo ID amendment author Representative Mary) Kiffmeyer?”

Those weren’t the only reprimands for his Republican colleagues heading up the Minnesota Legislature, ” This is essentially a poll tax. It’s a direct assault on Democracy,” he added.
(The Uptake)

The Voter ID Amendment is not about ending vote fraud — Republicans can’t even find any. Its about eliminating same day registration and vote suppression.

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