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Duluth schools seek levy because Republicans won’t fund education

by The Big E on April 26, 2012

First it was Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty refusing to sign any bill that adequately funded education in Minnesota. Now its the Republican-controlled legislature. They went so far last session as to steal the money they’d already promised, but they renamed the theft a “shift.”

The bottom line is our education system has been slashed year after year. Its like a diet plan that has resulted in limb amputations.

We see the effects of the chronic underfunding of our education system each election year. School districts put levies on the ballot not to pay for a new facilities but to cover basic operating costs. The Duluth School Board wants to keep classroom sizes down so their kids get a better education.

The Duluth School Board will move ahead with plans to ask taxpayers for more money for classroom operations next fall.

Superintendent Bill Gronseth said 85 percent of Minnesota school districts have declining enrollment, and this year’s $50 per pupil increase from the state was mostly canceled by the expiration of a $39 state levy to taxpayers.
(Duluth News Tribune)

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