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The MNGOP’s ongoing Ron Paul problem

by The Big E on April 25, 2012 · 1 comment

Ron Paul supporters pulled quite the organizing feat by garnering 20 of the 24 delegates that the MN delegation sends to the 2012 Republican National Convention. Why is it such a feat? Because there is a massive rift between the Ron Paul supporters and the Republican establishment.

A conservative blogger characterized Paul and his supporters as a “cancer on the MN GOP body politic.” This blogger goes on to call Paul a crackpot, “juvenile” and his supporters “Not too bright, reflexive…” This line encapsulates the hate many Republicans hold for Paulbots:

Their body odor at the MN GOP CD 3 convention was staggering.

They hate him so much they wouldn’t let Ron Paul into the 2008 state convention despite the fact that he was running for President.

The MNGOP has frequently tried to purge Paul supporters from their ranks. They’ve been unsuccessful at the grassroots level as many Paulbots ally with the teabaggers in their contempt for the establishment of the party.

But Republicans kinda sorta need Ron Paul:

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