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The MNGOP has a Ron Paul problem

by The Big E on April 24, 2012

The Republican Party of Minnesota really doesn’t want Ron Paul supporters around. In 2008, they infamously barred Ron Paul from speaking to the MNGOP state convention. Paulbots, as they are sometimes referred to, have been trying for years to gain positions in the MNGOP. Sometimes successfully but often not.

I’ll let others speculate as to why the institutional players hate Ron Paul and his supporters so much, but I found this tidbit really interesting:

Over the weekend, Minnesota held congressional district conventions. Now, the state’s February caucus — one of the trio of non-binding contests Santorum won early that month — went 45 percent for Santorum, 27 percent for Paul, and only 17 percent for Romney. The Associated Press and other groups went on to estimate that Santorum would win 17 of Minnesota’s delegates, Paul would win 10, and Romney 6. Wrong. Ron Paul dominated the CD conventions. According to a tweet from RNC committeewoman Pat Anderson, Paul took 20 of the 24 delegates available in the CDs.

When you add the financial mess, the inability to govern and the upcoming election. The MNGOP ain’t in too great shape.

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