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Cravaack Parrots the Party Line on Destroying Medicare

by Dan Burns on April 17, 2012

A recent page on the website of Rep. Chip Cravaack (R-MN(?)/NH) talks up the Tea Party plan for (savaging) health care for seniors.

The bipartisan House plan for Medicare provides freedom to choose among several different insurance plans, while also addressing Medicare’s long-term sustainability. As a matter of fact, the House wants to empower 50 million seniors to choose what’s best for them.

As is generally the case in Chippy’s press releases, that’s not, by the strictest definition of the term, an outright lie, but it is so incredibly devious and misleading that many people would regard it as such.  The link to this article is worth keeping handy, as it eviscerates claims like those being made by the likes of Cravaack, who might want to consider pulling his face away from the rich man’s backside, now and then, for a little fresh air.

The Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives released its proposed budget for fiscal year 2013 today, taking particular aim at our nation’s health care programs. This latest House Republican budget would fundamentally alter these programs, setting us on an uncharted path that would have adverse consequences for tens of millions of Americans.

The House budget would provide vouchers to Medicare beneficiaries to purchase either a private health insurance plan or the traditional Medicare plan. This plan would shift costs to seniors, making many seniors pay sharply higher premiums to stay in traditional Medicare and keep their current choice of doctors. For these seniors the choice of traditional Medicare would be a false one in reality.

Yes, it really is a plan to end Medicare as we know it, no matter what bought-and-paid-for media “analysts” and propaganda mill hacks might claim.  Every voter should understand that.

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