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Deja Vu All Over Again: “The Hustler”

by TwoPuttTommy on April 16, 2012 · 1 comment

I saw the tweet…

Hmmm… “I will not be out hustled.” –Erik Paulsen

Hmmm…where have I seen that before?

Hey!  I wrote about that before – let’s look!

* * *

The “Hustler”
Submitted by TwoPuttTommy on January 29, 2008 – 11:58am.

At his announcement, Erik Paulsen claimed to have, and I quote from his press release: “…years of working in bipartisan fashion, across the aisle, to get results in the business world and in the Minnesota legislature.”

Yeah, “right.” Anyone even slightly paying attention understands Erik Paulsen did not rise to Republican state House leadership position by being “bi-partisan.”

Right out of the box, Paulsen forces the interested citizen to question his credibility.

The very first line of the press release says, and again I quote: “Saying ‘Congress is broken, I will work to fix it,’ Erik Paulsen….”

Just who does Erik Paulsen think he’s kidding?

Jim Ramstad tried to fix it, and for that he was rewarded by GOP Leadership with backbench status.

If Jim Ramstad couldn’t fix it, what reasonable person could possibly believe Erik Paulsen could?

Newt Gingrich’s “Contract With America” fundamentally changed how power is structured in the Republican Party, in Congress.

Serious academics can explain exactly how power was removed from committees and placed in party leadership, leading to things such as the strong-armed ouster of Gingrich and the installation of Dennis Hastert as Speaker, with Tom DeLay the muscle. Not to mention the Abramoff Scandal, the K-Street Project, etc etc etc.

To the layman, the following explains it clearly: when it comes to Republican Congressmen, “the people elect them, but the GOP Leadership directs them.”

Paulsen’s claim he’s going to “work to fix it” is simply not credible.

Like Erik Paulsen is really – as a freshman congressman – going to take on and challenge John Boehner and Roy Blunt’s power and authority?

Quite frankly, in a one page press release, Paulsen seems to have a knack of saying things that simply don’t ring true.

Consider this: “Failed ideas and yearning for the past stand in the way of change. So do the politics of blame, division and partisan spin. Minnesotans are weary of this brand of politics.” (emphasis added).

Say, Erik?


Especially in Eden Prairie, in Paulsen’s home town. Paulsen’s party’s website is the epitome of blame, division, and partisan spin.

Gentle readers, that’s the local  GOP website that blamed the DFL and spun the per diem issue; that put Erik Paulsen (along with David Hann) in the position of: “Well, I voted against it, before I profited from it.”

And that per diem issue is but one example of the “blame, division, and spin” Paulsen’s party’s website is known for; not to mention dirty politics and distortion.

Is Erik Paulsen really condemning his party, here?

Right before he’s going to ask them for their endorsement of his campaign?

Will reasonable people really think Erik Paulsen is being sincere?

Just who does Erik Paulsen think he’s kidding??!?

In his speech, Paulsen claimed to be the moderate candidate, like Frenzel and Ramstad, that accurately represents this district, Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District.


Erik Paulsen, “moderate”??!?

Ladies and gentlemen, Erik Paulsen is no moderate. He represents the extreme right wing of the GOP. He always has. If Erik Paulsen is saying he’s a “moderate”, I’m asking “since when – tomorrow?”

At the end of his speech, Erik Paulsen stated:

“I will not be out-hustled in this campaign.”

Clearly, those that look into Erik Paulsen’s past – his verifiable record – and compare that to what Erik Paulsen said on Sunday, can only conclude that Erik Paulsen is indeed a hustler.

Because he certainly isn’t believable.

This is crossposted at The Eden Prairie News

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Gentle Readers, Pulsen is indeed a “hustler” – and he’s also today’s example of this:

You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different

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