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MN GOP Sen. Robling Will Flee the Crazy

by Dan Burns on April 14, 2012

Longtime MN State Sen. Claire Robling (R-Jordan) is stepping down.  The first paragraph of the following references the infamous meeting at which then Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch was abruptly hustled away and “confronted” over her relationship with Michael Brodkorb:

Of the four senators who met with Koch, (Geoff) Michel, (Chris) Gerlach and now Robling have announced their retirements. Koch will also retire at the end of this session.

By all accounts, Robling is a very pleasant person who is responsive to her constituents, regardless of their political leanings. On her own Facebook wall, Star Tribune columnist Lori posted:

Sen. Claire Robling put herself on the Legislature’s retirement list Friday, to the regret of fans of her reasonable brand of Republicanism…

I highly recommend the linked article (click on “stepping down”) from Bluestem, which also includes good analysis of the borderline-inchoate mess that is the Minnesota Senate Republican caucus, and the inability of its current leadership to do anything about it.

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