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By The Numbers: The MN GOP’s Cooked Books, Part 10

by TwoPuttTommy on April 10, 2012 · 2 comments

In Part 1 of this continuing Cooked Books series, we looked at how FEC Tony Sutton’s  MN GOP couldn’t (wouldn’t?) accurately report to the FEC how much they owed a vendor they hired to ensure accurate FEC reports.  In Part 2, we noted there are now 2 citizen watchdog groups looking into the MN GOP’s Cooked Books — Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington – which nailed ’em last time (the MN GOP got smacked with a near-record $170,000 fine), and Common Cause MN.  In Part 3,  we looked at how a payroll deductions “no, NO!” that got the MN GOP in trouble last time seems to be a pattern.  In Part 4 we looked at the MN GOP using a strange address for one of it’s fundraisers.  

In Part 5 we looked at at the official FEC Complaint – filed 12 Jan 2012 – by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (“CREW”).  In Part 6 we looked at the MN GOP misrepresenting their expenses.  In Part 7 we looked at how the MN GOP categorized pay for a guy that they very well may have been paying to run for state senate – Lakeville’s Dave Thompson in SD-36.  In Part 8 we looked at at a Mn GOP Campaign Finance Report line item that begs the question:  did the State GOP pay for a lawyer for a State Representative’s drunk driving case?

And yes, it sure looks like the Mn GOP paid a lawyer for a State Rep’s cruise through the ditch with an open bottle of vodka.

In Part 9 of the continuing Cooked Books Series we looked at a Mn GOP Campaign Finance Report line item that looks mighty clear: when it comes to paying rent, these Republicans are deadbeats!

Today in Part 10, we’re going to look at an internal Mn GOP reports (presumably, leaked to Politico) that show just how far behind in rent those Mn GOP deadbeats are – let’s look!

(image via, from a story entitled “The disastrous Minnesota GOP” dated today!)

That top line, “Hub Properties Trust”?  That’s the MN GOP’s landord —  and note:  31 to 60 days late = $29,319.36; 61 to 90 days late = $34,424.00; over 90 days late = $28,814.86 for a grand total owing their landlord:  $92,558.22!!!

What was that, that the MN GOP was saying all last year, travelling all over Minnesota?

Oh, yeah:  “You can’t spend more money than is in your checkbook!!!”

Apparently, YOU can’t – but:  the financially incompetent Mn GOP not only can, it DOES.

So, how is it that the Minnesota GOP – the self-proclaimed “Party Of Fiscal Responsibility” – gets away with stiffing their Landlord for office rent for so long?

Stay tuned!!!

And in the meantime, remember:  You Couldn’t Trust The GOP Then, You Still Can’t Now, And Tomorrow Won’t Be Any Different.

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