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Rep. Kahn Proposes Government Intervention in Men’s Health

by Dan Burns on March 28, 2012

A Minnesota elected official joined many from other states by using her legislative platform to highlight the crass extremism of the War on Women.  The article has video.

Saying she is sick of the “war on women”, Representative Phyllis Kahn (DFL-Minneapolis) proposes that reproductive health bills treat men and women equally. She proposes that men have counseling before a vasectomy because it might prevent a “live birth” and have a stress test to make sure Viagra won’t cause them to have a heart attack.

This takes down conservative idiocy, too.

I’m thrilled that women’s rights are a front-and-center issue this campaign season, but it does come with an excruciating price tag: Conservatives bloviating about how they looooooove “strong women”. This is a standard talking point that Republicans trot out when they’re called out for anti-feminism. At its core, it’s a nonsensical claim and works more as a distraction than a real argument. The image of the steel magnolia—a woman who dispatches her responsibilities with ease, who has a lot of energy and occasionally is sassy to her husband, because she’s far more competent than he—has a lot of emotional resonance, for conservatives, as well as feminists.

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