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Michele Bachmann: McCain buying her off

by Bill Prendergast on March 28, 2012

The “why has she been so quiet lately” mystery: solved.

MAHTOMEDI, Minn. – Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann’s campaign says 2008 GOP presidential nominee Sen. John McCain is going to help her raise money and help retire $1 million in campaign debt.

He’ll be doing a fundraising event for Bachmann this week in Washington…

Finance reports filed with the Federal Election Commission last week showed Bachmann’s presidential campaign was more than $1 million in debt as of January 25 of this year.

A hallmark of Michele Bachmann’s national political career has been her supposed opposition to moderate Republican governance and the GOP establishment. She came to prominence in the tea party movement by calling for real conservative change in the national Republican leadership. According to the tea party the McCains and Romneys were compromisers and sellouts; what was needed were real conservative candidates of the ultraright.

But she’s wound up one million in debt after the failed presidential bid. Last week I speculated that she why she was being nice lately (e.g. holding off on the usual charges of sell-out against Romney and the GOP establishment.) It turns out that I guessed right: she was trying to show the GOP establishment that she could “play nice” with them…

…and the reward is this GOP establishment figure, Senator John McCain, taking time out of his busy day to run around and retire her million dollar debt. (Bachmann had hotly denied that she was going to endorse Romney, it would look very bad for Romney to pay off her campaign debt “in return for that endorsement”–so the establishment sends in McCain to do the same thing. To buy her off, ya know?)

And why not? The teabagger types won’t scream “Michele’s sold out.” They never have, even when she did…

It never counted against Bachmann with the tea party that she’d regularly sell them out to the GOP political establishment–whenever it was in her career interest to do so.

When McCain began to show strong in the presidential nomination contest, she went public to say that McCain was ‘not her candidate.’ Months later, she was campaigning for him.

Michele was a vociferous support of the DeLay/Hastert Republican congress and the Bush White House–the leaders who presided over the Wall Street fraud and collapse, the earmarks corruption. Bachmann support for the those guys–“the bad guys” that the tea party supposedly wanted to replace–never counted against her.

Bachmann’s making nice with the “business as usual Republicans” again…a month or so ago I predicted she’d ultimately endorse Romney (leading to her hot public denial) and this week here she is making noises like this, this weekend, on Fox…

“When I left the presidential field, I didn’t want give my voice to one candidate, because I want the people to decide. I want to bring the tea party, the evangelicals, and the conservatives together. That’s the coalition we need to win together,” (Bachmann) said. “I want to unify, unify, unify.”

Unify behind what? Given the polling and primaries, what else could she mean but that the tea party, evangelicals and conservatives should get together behind Romney?

It’s out of the question that she’s referring to a need to unify behind Santorum. (Santorum already has the support of the tea party and the evangelicals she refers to.) She’s telling the Fox audience that she thinks it’s going to be Romney, so all the groups that puff Bachmann as a national leader (teabaggers, evangelicals and hard core conservatives) should get on board, now. Because if they don’t, Obama wins.

And in return for uncharacteristically reasonable pronouncements like that–John McCain will come around to retire her political debt.

What a sell-out, and to the hated GOP establishment! The irony here is that the people that Bachmann talks about ‘unifying’ (the tea party, the evangelicals, and the conservatives) were already unified, and have been unified for years…

…unified in their contempt for Mitt Romney and his candidacy, unified in their five year long struggle to stop Romney from being the candidate…

…and here’s Bachmann, “Queen of the Right,” to tell them that they’ve got to do a volte-face and support the contemptible Romney.

The GOP establishment has bought her very cheap. A lousy million dollars for the principles of a politician with no principles! Ha!  

LINK: Bachmann stressing the need for unity in the GOP…


LINK: McCain to pay for Bachmann

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