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Bachmann $1 million in debt, filed FEC report late

by The Big E on March 24, 2012 · 1 comment

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) was far more in debt than anticipated from her presidential run. Like $1 million in debt. Plus, she filed late.

Bachmann’s bid peaked in August when she topped the Iowa Straw Poll. But Bachmann was merely the second shooting star amongst many other who shot to prominence then wilted in the spotlight.

Her accumulation of tactical blunders, gaffes, misstatements and lies piled up too high and the HPV Vaccine lie/gaffe proved to be the straw that squashed the camel flat. Bachmann was soon after relegated to irrelevance.

While Bachmann has maintained her small donor support, the large donors who make or break presidential campaigns stopped giving once they saw her as irrelevant.

Newly filed Federal Election Commission documents show Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann’s failed presidential campaign was more than $1 million in debt in the weeks following her decision to drop out of the race in early January.

According to the campaign finance documents, as of January 25 of this year, Bachmann’s presidential campaign still owed money to numerous campaign advisors, photographers, direct mailers, transportation companies and caterers.

And, of course, she filed late. Those pesky details of actually being an actual politicians are so difficult for Team Bachmann.

Bachmann detailed her finances through late January in a federal campaign report filed this week. The report had been due Feb. 20.
(Boston Herald)

Despite the probable fatigue amongst Bachmann donors, don’t forget that she raised $13.5 million in 2010 (more than most Senate campaigns). Furthermore, she’s got a broader, deeper fundraising list than in 2010.

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