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Is the NRCC abandoning Chip Cravaack?

by The Big E on March 23, 2012

To support one of New Hampshire’s newest sons, the National Republican Congressional Committee attacked all of Rep. Chip Cravaack’s (R-MN/NH) opponents with a generic attack. Basically, they inserted all three DFLers names into a talking point template and probably faxed it to everyone on their press lists.

The National Republican Congressional Committee issued a fusillade of otherwise-identical press releases directed at challengers Tarryl Clark, Rick Nolan and Jeff Anderson, charging that all three support the health care overhaul despite polls showing opposition to the measure. The Supreme Court will hear arguments next week about the law’s constitutionality.

The NRCC has mostly remained uninvolved in the 8th District race even though it’s likely to be the hardest-fought Congressional contest in Minnesota this election cycle. While the committee has tapped 30 House Republicans in tough districts for special fundraising and campaign assistance, Cravaack has not been selected for the program. Just this week, Cravaack’s seat got a “special mention” in a list of 10 most vulnerable incumbents by the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call.
[my emphasis]

Did you catch that?

The NRCC hasn’t added Cravaack to the list of candidates they intend on working hard to reelect.

That’s gotta hurt New Hampshire’s newest son!

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