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Update on Rep. Mary Franson compares food stamp recipients to animals and MNGOP pulls the video

by Eric Ferguson on March 4, 2012

Rep. Mary FransonThree Four updates actually to yesterday’s post:

1. I fixed the link to Bluestem Prairie, but for convenience’s sake, here it is again.

2. Franson issue a semi-apology. It looks like she gets that people are offended, but not why, so it’s one of those “I’m sorry you’re so stupid you don’t get my point” apologies. She seems to think it’s about her support of self-sufficiency, “I apologized…so why all the fuss? I want ALL people to be successful. Self dependency is part of plan.” She doesn’t get it’s about comparing her fellow human beings to wild animals who ought not be fed by park visitors as a matter of wildlife management. It’s as if she she refuses to get that people who resort to food stamps are doing just that: resorting to them, when anyone would prefer to pay their way out of a paycheck. She does what her party seems to do routinely: jump to conclusions about people they know nothing about and condemn behavior they don’t understand, assuming some sort of moral superiority. Also funny how Franson’s party prefers that people be broke than that they get jobs from the government, even as they blame the poor for being poor and see poverty as something to be punished.

3. Anyone else notice the Batman logo on the bucket or whatever that souvenir is at the left edge of the video? It occurs to me that Bruce Wayne does lots of charity work and never picks on the downtrodden. At the risk of making conservative heads explode, I must point out that if Batman were real — he’d be a liberal. Liberal, eh? That might explain his aversion to the death penalty.

And just found a fourth: The Cucking Stool seems to have found the “funny little clip” Franson read on the video, and it’s a theme being passed around on the right. Franson or her “friend” visit some pretty noxious web sites:

I looked at the Big City Cops on Facebook and let’s just say that if you’re at all liberal, they hate you. I really, really hope they aren’t really cops because if they are, might explain what we saw of police behavior in Oakland and New York.

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