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Why won’t Chip Cravaack provide the proof of how many days he spends in Minnesota?

by The Big E on February 25, 2012

Rep. Chip Cravaack (R-MN/NH) opened up an industrial-sized can of Whoop-Ass last summer when he moved his family to New Hampshire. As the 2012 election cycle begins to ramp up, its going to get dumped on him. And he’s not helping himself out on this one.

He refuses to divulge how many days he actually spends in Minnesota:

The News Tribune asked Cravaack’s staff for records showing how many days the Congress member has spent in the district since his move, but the office declined to provide them.

Instead, Michael Bars, Cravaack’s spokesman in Washington, said the congressman has held 22 town meetings across the sprawling district, including one Tuesday night in Royalton and another Wednesday with senior citizens in Little Falls.

What is Cravaack hiding? Is he coming back to his district even less than Jim Oberstar did?

How many of his 22 meetings occurred on the same days? How many times did Cravaack hold meetings that only staffers attended?

Listen, Chip, we’re DFLers not teabaggers. It’s not like with Obama showing his birth certificate and y’all still deny that he’s provided it. Show us the proof of how many days you’ve been in Minnesota since you moved to New Hampshire. You can put this story to rest. If you had any brains, you would.

Unless you’ve got something to hide …

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