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Cravaack calls birth control order “an act of federal aggression”

by The Big E on February 10, 2012

Rep. Chip Cravaack (R-MN/NH) called the Obama Administration’s order that all insurance plans offer birth control an act of federal aggression.” Cravaack is a Tea Party Republican so it isn’t surprising that he’d use this violent, over-the-top language. This also isn’t the first time that Cravaack has used hysterical language to describe something.

  1. Called an Obama recess appointment an unprecedented abuse of executive power despite the fact that Republicans do it more often.
  2. Tried to claim that no Republican plan he knows of calls for the end of Medicare despite the fact that he supports the Ryan Plan which would end Medicare.
  3. Said that a debt ceiling bill would risk cutting 50 percent in current military spending.” MPR rated the claim as false.
  4. Claimed that the sale of Duluth-based Cirrus to a Chinese company might lead to this type of technology being used for military evolution [sic] against our troops.” Despite the fact that the Chinese already have the technology which he was referring to.
  5. Asserted that the Ryan Plan to end Medicare would give Americans the same health care he receives as a member of Congress. MPR rated the claim false.

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