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Tim Pawlenty’s Bad Year

by Dan Burns on January 25, 2012 · 19 comments

Cast, if you will, your remembrance of past time to late 2010, when the almighty conventional political wisdom was that things were looking awfully bright for then-Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.  He was a two-term governor who had pretty well had his way while in that office.  (Minnesotans got screwed as a result, but many political types, especially Minnesota’s corporate media, couldn’t be bothered with the facts about that.)  The Villager punditry positively drooled over the guy as an all but can’t-miss candidate for the GOP presidential nomination.  (So did another, far more important, faction.) Moreover, there was even a possibility that a drawn-out recount in Minnesota’s gubernatorial election might let him leave the state in a, from his perspective, blaze of glory, as he’d be able to sign off on extremist legislation from the newly-minted Republican-controlled Minnesota legislature.

Has the stock of anyone in American politics fallen so far, since then?  I can’t think of one.  (OK, maybe Glenn Beck, but he’s a media hack, not an elected one.)  Is any American political figure more deserving of such humiliation?  I can’t think of one in that context, either, though I agree that a great many are equally deserving.

I wrote about Pawlenty’s fall, when he was run out of the GOP race.  I enjoy blogging in general, but that post was easily the most fun thing I’ve ever had occasion to write, online.

A gentleman does not exult in the humiliation of others; I get that. But, in the case of Tim Pawlenty’s ignominious early exit from the 2012 presidential campaign, I’m not prepared to even try to mind my manners. After twenty months or so of covering him for this blog, I have come to truly, profoundly detest everything that the sorry runt represents.

And now, he’s reduced to a role as one of Mitt Romney’s toadies.  Sweet!

Timmy will be back, of course;  his hubris presents no alternative.  My guess is that he’ll run for a U.S. Senate seat, for Minnesota, in 2014.  Here’s looking forward to another disgraceful episode, in the career of one of the most abhorrent figures in Minnesota’s political history.

Oh, and check this out, from recent polling of Minnesotans.

39 percent have a favorable rating of (Pawlenty), compared to 50 percent with a negative one. His favorability rating matches the percentage of Minnesota voters who say they would vote for him for a statewide office, while 61 percent say they definitely would not.


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