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MN GOP attempts to push out moderate Steve Smith

by The Big E on January 12, 2012

Minnesota Republicans are trying to push out moderate Rep. Steve Smith (R-Mound). Don’t be fooled by the alleged sex scandal. Its just the means to the end. Smith voted against the Sanctity of Marriage Amendment, has ties to Labor and is roundly hated because he is a moderate.

So just like Sen. Amy Koch’s sex scandal wasn’t really about her, but about taking out Michael Brodkorb, this sex scandal isn’t about the sex. Its about purifying their arch-conservative caucus not any veneer of ethics.


Capitol sources tell 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS State Representative Steve Smith was approached last fall by House leaders and confronted about his alleged relationship with a subordinate.

Sources say Smith was removed as Chairman of the House Judiciary Finance Committee, in part, because of his relationship with his staff member.
[my emphasis]

The other part of the “in part” part was Smith’s vote against the marriage amendment.

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