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MN GOP attempts to push out moderate Steve Smith

by The Big E on January 12, 2012

Minnesota Republicans are trying to push out moderate Rep. Steve Smith (R-Mound). Don’t be fooled by the alleged sex scandal. Its just the means to the end. Smith voted against the Sanctity of Marriage Amendment, has ties to Labor and is roundly hated because he is a moderate.

So just like Sen. Amy Koch’s sex scandal wasn’t really about her, but about taking out Michael Brodkorb, this sex scandal isn’t about the sex. Its about purifying their arch-conservative caucus not any veneer of ethics.


Capitol sources tell 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS State Representative Steve Smith was approached last fall by House leaders and confronted about his alleged relationship with a subordinate.

Sources say Smith was removed as Chairman of the House Judiciary Finance Committee, in part, because of his relationship with his staff member.
[my emphasis]

The other part of the “in part” part was Smith’s vote against the marriage amendment.

Gremlin January 12, 2012 at 9:16 pm

Romantic and/or sexual relations in the work place, between elected officials and their subordinates, are inappropriate regardless of party affliation.

Rep. Smith should be considered innocent of any suspected inpropriety until evidence is presented that proves otherwise.  If the charge is proven, however, it shouldn’t be viewed as just an excuse for the MN House GOP caucus to get rid itself of an incovienient, moderate member.  It would be inappropriate.

Behavior matters.  Especially when you are a public official.

Sarah Janecek spins the downfall of Amy Koch as a conspiracy, related to competing gambling philosophies within the GOP, with the “inappropriate relationship” used as an excuse for her ouster.  Janecek argues that inappropriate relationships happen within both parties and are well-known to political insiders (both true).

But I disagree with her assertion that the public revelations regarding Koch (and, by the BigE, about Smith) are solely related to politics.  It is increasing difficult to hide inappropriate behavior as an elected official and it is rapidly becoming difficult to hide duplicity from voters.

Rep Hackbarth and Rep Buesgens are probably acutely aware that their private activities have been reported to their constituents and that their constituents are not nearly as tolerant of inappropriate behavior as they used to be.

Grace Kelly January 12, 2012 at 11:04 pm

So then why is Rep Hackbarth and Rep Buesgens getting a free pass, and Rep Smith?

Are you saying that the Republicans are again not enforcing their own moral principles on their own people, just playing politics?

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