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Minnesotans for Marriage: Where are the real Minnesotans?

by The Big E on January 6, 2012

Today the right wing group Minnesotans for Marriage released a video to support their push to pass the Sanctity of Marriage amendment. As we all know, gays wanting to get married caused Sen. Amy Koch to commit adultery with an unnamed Senate staffer that just has to be Michael Brodkorb. Because of the damage that even the threat of gay mariage poses to we heteros, they want to amend our state’s constitution to make sure that our LGBT friends cannot get married in MN. They will be spending millions upon millions in the state to get this passed.

The beginning of the video is chock full of stock images of happy hetero couples.  My question is: where are the real Minnesotans?

With all the money y’all have from the Mormons and evangelicals and other homophobes across the country, can’t you afford to find some Minnesotans to appear in your vid? Or is it that hard to find any of us willing to appear in your vids?

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