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MN-08: Jeff Anderson, Candidate for Congress, Santa?

by Tony Sterle on December 23, 2011

News from up North.  

Even busy politicians make sure to find time to get in touch with the holiday spirit.  Earlier today, Jeff Anderson, candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s eighth district, released a new campaign video featuring him dressed as Santa Claus.  For most of the past decade, Jeff has spent his Holiday weekends working as Saint Nick in order to raise money for food banks, military families, and other local charities.  

In an email sent out this morning, Jeff says:

It was always a good reminder to be thankful for my own family and how blessed we were to be happy, healthy and together.  Not every family I saw was as blessed as mine.  The past few years I have seen more families that are struggling to make ends meet in these hard times and making tough choices between holiday traditions and basic needs.

Seeing these Northland families struggle first hand, and experiencing it myself as a child has had a profound impact on me.  This is why I am dedicated to help those in need in my personal, professional and political life.

Many of the families I see are looking for a break, not a hand out, but just an opportunity to work and provide for their families and the tools to get ahead and plan for the future.

Santa couldn’t answer every request though, and now Republicans like Rep. Chip Cravaack sure haven’t been helping either.  He showed this again on Tuesday by voting against the payroll tax which will take another $1000 out of the average Northland families pocket. He has lost touch with the struggles Northland families face and won’t support opportunities that could really help provide the simple breaks that we all need from time to time.

You can watch the video in its entirety here.

Anderson faces Rick Nolan, Tarryl Clark, and Daniel Fanning in the DFL endorsement process (and inevitable primary).  The winner will take on Chip Cravaack in an effort to wrestle the eighth district’s congressional seat back into DFL hands.  

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