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Where There Is Smoke, There Is Usually Fire

by TwoPuttTommy on December 16, 2011

Here’s a time line of what we know:

1 – GOP Deputy Chair Michael Brodkorb resigns:  12 October 2011
2 – Senate GOP Majority Chief of Staff Cullen Sheehan resigns: 09 November 2011
3 – GOP Chair Tony Sutton resigns: 02 December 2011
4 – GOP Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch resigns Majority Leader position: 15 December 2011

That’s four – FOUR – major resignations in two months.

Here’s what else we know:  a committee of GOP Party Insiders, led by RNC Member Jeff Johnson, has been taking a real hard look into party finances.  We also know Interim GOP Chair Kelly Fenton just added Mike Vekich as an “advisor” to the cooked books stinkin’ up the offices at MN GOP HQ.

There’s a reason the FEC nailed the MN GOP with “one of the largest fines” in FEC history.

Here’s what hasn’t been confirmed by multiple sources: said GOPer investigation (led by RNC Jeff Johnson) included a review of Brodkorb’s expense accounting.  Remember, when Brodkorb said he wouldn’t take a salary for being GOPer Deputy Chair, he didn’t say he wouldn’t be claiming expenses.

There’s a LOT of smoke here.  Why would an operative like Brodkorb leave a spring-board job like the “unpaid” State Deputy Chair position, to a “volunteer adviser” position on the quixotic campaign of gaffe-prone GOPer Mike Parry?  And why would the former staffer of Norm “4th Most-Corrupt Senator” Coleman (not to mention, YouTube Sensation) Cullen Sheehan pack it in?  We know that, essentially, ol’ “FEC Tony” Sutton was, essentially, shoved out the door; they just let him call it a “resignation for family reasons” or whatever tripe it was that Tony spewed.

But Koch’s decision to take a hike?  Well, Brodkorb is/was Koch’s “executive assistant”… but, still.  Why take the hike, now?

Gotta wonder, ’cause where there is smoke – especially from cooked books – there’s usually fire.

But don’t be surprised if there’s that ol’ GOPer Cover-Up.  

Remember, the GOP has been saying for years – until the FEC smacked ’em – that there was “nothing to see, here!” despite what was in “The Tostenson Memo” – and that”s really the root cause of the GOP’s cooked books, today. Maybe now that the FEC has taken a look at those cooked books, it’s time for a prosecutor to do so too.


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