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Tarryl Clark Nabs Major Union Endorsement

by Tony Sterle on November 10, 2011

Earlier today, former State Senator Tarryl Clark announced the endorsement of the United Steelworkers District 11 in the MN-08 race.  Clark faces Rick Nolan, Daniel Fanning, and Jeff Anderson for the DFL nomination.  The winner of that race will then get the chance to take on Chip Cravaack in an effort to wrestle the Congressional seat back into Democratic hands.

With 12,500 active members and retirees in the 8th district, the USW endorsement is a major boost for Clark.  District 11 director Bob Bratulich had this to say, “Tarryl Clark is the strongest candidate in the race to beat Chip Cravaack.  Tarryl’s years of service and commitment to the priorities of Minnesota families will guarantee that when she gets to Washington she will make sure we are no long focusing on tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires, but making sure that we are putting people back to work.”

The USW endorsement means access to field workers ready to knock on doors, convenient meeting locations, rebar for signs, and many other amenities that can help Clark’s campaign in a race that is almost certainly (read: definitely) headed for a primary.  What’s more, the labor endorsement could act as Clark’s olive branch to Duluth and the Iron Range–areas typically hesitant to support anyone they perceive as an outsider.  

The USW endorsement comes on the heels of Senator Clark announcing that she outraised Chip Craavack last quarter.  

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