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Special Elections Results Thread

by TonyAngelo on October 19, 2011

[Update – 8:30pm]: And just like that, it’s done.

In SD46, with all but one precinct reporting, DFLer Chris Eaton is up by almost 1,600 votes, 62% to 33%. Congratulations Senator-elect Eaton.

In SD61, with all precincts reporting, Jeff Hayden has won by more than 1,200 votes, 68% to 22%. Congratulations Senator-elect Hayden.

Two special elections are taking place today, in Senate districts 46 and 61. The polls close at 8pm and results should come shortly after.

In Senate district 46 the candidates are:
Democrat Chris Eaton, Republican Cory Jensen and from the Independence party Tom Reynolds.

In Senate district 61 the candidates are:
Democrat Jeff Hayden, Republican Bruce Lundeen, Independence Matt Brillhart and perennial candidate Farheen Hakeem.

SD61 is the most democratic senate seat in the state and SD46 is a strong DFL district so it would have to be considered quite the upset if anyone other then the two DFLers win.

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