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Michele Bachmann: Glee’s Jane Lynch to plans to become Michele Bachmann

by Bill Prendergast on September 22, 2011

Bachmann want regulations regarding food safety repealed, but she won’t say which ones.


Rick Santorum says that Bachmann and Perry are too soft, on the issue of gay marriage.


That’s the hard news, today. The “light news” is that Glee’s Jane Lynch plans to take on Michele Bachmann, via television.

I don’t like Glee. The show encourages young people to sing cover versions of popular songs, and I can’t support that. I tuned in once to see what all the fuss was about, and I didn’t even make it through an entire episode. But I watched long enough to figure out that the character that Lynch plays on the show (“Sue Sylvester”) is an insanely ambitious, slightly nuts, narcissistic sociopath.

So the connection of the character and proposed storyline to Michele Bachmann is a natural. Jane Lynch is very, very funny; I was a fan of hers long before she joined the cast of Glee.

The proposed storyline is that Lynch’s character (“Sue Sylvester”) decides to run for Congress as a right winger, and that Lynch will use Bachmann as an inspiration for the character’s political style.

This turn in the show’s storyline has upset at least one conservative activist:

Conservative Author Ben Shapiro of Primetime Propaganda expressed his dissatisfaction with Lynch’s role to the London Independent, reports Contactmusic.

“This is unbelievably typical of Glee, which has become the most subversive show in the history of network television,” Shapiro said. “They are using Sylvester’s character to mirror the rhetoric and policies of Michele Bachmann. When conservatives watch this show, it will be clear that the creators hate our guts,” Shapiro added.

Ryan Murphy, Glee’s creator, disputed these comment to the London Independent. Murphy said that Sylvester won’t be running as a Democrat or Republican, but will run as a American Liberty party candidate. “She runs against both Republicans and Democrats. So to be clear, it’s not a Tea Party thing she hates everybody,” Murphy said.

I don’t believe Murphy, because he didn’t address conservative Shapiro’s main concern: that the show will be used to ridicule conservatives. When you think “Bachmann,” you think “conservative,” and you think about how political conservatives and Republicans have welcomed this particular nut, liar and bigot into their ranks as a hero over the past decade. It’s unavoidable that people who watch “Glee” will associate a right-wing narcissist politician with Bachmann, the GOP, the tea party, and the GOP–and I think Glee creator Murphy and star Lynch know that.

But I don’t agree with conservative Shapiro, either. I don’t think that “Glee” being “the most subversive show in the history of network television” (unless he’s referring to the fact that it encourages young people to sing cover versions of popular songs. If that’s why he thinks it’s “subversive,” then he’s got a point.)

If Mr. Shapiro thinks that “Glee” is the most politically and culturally subversive show in the history of network television, he’ll have to be more specific in making his case. I figure if there was an episode where the glee club cheered while burning an American flag and denouncing free-market capitalism and civil liberties, we would have heard about that by now.

In any case, a show that features a congressional candidate mouthing wild right wing lies, hatred and conspiracy theories is a welcome addition to prime time. That’s what we all have to live with in real life. Why shouldn’t the kids in the TV glee club suffer, too?


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