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MN-08: Cravaack Befuddled By American Jobs Plan

by keewatinrose on September 10, 2011

President Barack Obama outlined his job creation and economic development plan before a Joint Session of Congress on Thursday evening. Most Members of Congress were anxious to weigh in after the conclusion of the President’s address and released coherent statements about the proposed plan.

But not Chip Cravaack.

Instead Cravaack, once again proving himself to be an intellectual lightweight in the tradition of Dan Quayle, issued this incomprehensible response to President Obama’s American Jobs Plan earlier today:

Regarding the President’s speech last night, I will examine all pro-growth proposals that mitigate excessive, job-destroying regulations that saddle small businesses and job creators.

In other words, Chip doesn’t have a clue.

You’d think a guy who skipped the Joint Session of Congress so he could “huddle” with staff could do better by noon the next day. His evasive statement makes one wonder if he even bothered to watch the speech. Of course, he could just be waiting for the Tea Party to tell him what he thinks.

It wouldn’t be the first time.

Clearly, Cravaack’s first priority is to advance the Tea Party agenda,protecting wealthy friends and his former employer Delta Air Lines, rather than to stand up for the working families of northeastern Minnesota. Why else would Chip pay so little attention to an economic development plan that would create jobs in a region with an unemployment rate of well over 14%?

Northern Minnesota deserves to have a congressman who believes that people matter more than special interest groups and big corporations. Northern Minnesota deserves a congressman who is intelligent and can form a coherent thought. Northern Minnesota deserves to be represented by one who actually grew up here and understands our culture. We had that kind of representation from 8th district natives Jim Oberstar and John Blatnik and it is sorely missed.

A Tea Party packsacker from the metro area just doesn’t cut it.

It’s time for Chip to go.

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