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MN08: Why Didn’t Chip Cravaack Attend Joint Session of Congress?

by keewatinrose on September 9, 2011

President Barack Obama addressed a Joint Session of Congress on Thursday evening, presenting his plan for job creation and economic growth.  Members from both sides of the aisle eagerly gathered to hear the details of the American Jobs Act. All it seems except the Darling of the Tea Party, Michele Bachmann (MN06) and her protégée Chip Cravaack (MN08/NH).

Bachmann claims transportation issues kept her from arriving in time for the Presidential address. But Cravaack, who was in the District, was instead “huddled with staffers” according to his office.

Let me get this straight: a United States congressman representing an area with higher than average unemployment blows off a Joint Session of Congress convened to hear an important job creation and economic development policy initiative from the President of the United States, choosing instead to “huddle” with a staffer?


That the former naval officer so blatantly thumbed his nose at his Commander in Chief and refused to attend a mission-essential meeting is indeed shocking.  I wonder how this behavior would be viewed in the military? Insubordination and dereliction of duty come to mind.

And many unanswered questions remain. Which staffer, specifically, was Cravaack “huddled” with, where were they, and why?   Or was New Hampshire Chip simply AWOL, leaving his staff to cover for him?

The people of the 8th congressional district have the need to know. We expect answers. Or perhaps we should just convene a court martial, with the verdict to be issued on 6 November 2012?

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